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Looking for good and reliable care for your child?

Many parents face the same dilemma: what form of care should I choose for my child?

We offer you a place where everyone may feel as safe as possible – and this is what is most important both to children and parents.

Why choose Chichotek?

Chichotek is a place that we would like to represent the combined input of our teachers and parents who will entrust us with their youngsters. That is why our Academy combines the advantages of a nursery school and a babysitter, eliminating the drawbacks of both.

Benefits for your child

  • Through changing environments, children open themselves to the external world and quickly learn to live outside home.
  • Under the watchful eye of professionals, children learn behavioral patterns and shape their own unique personality among other children in their groups.
  • Children have the chance to express their personality through various forms of expression and play

  • Among other children, youngsters can learn positive behaviour related to eating, using a potty or being away from their parents for some part of the day.
  • Your children will stay in a safe and attractive environment, adjusted to their own needs and tolerant of their behaviour (including crying, whining and horseplay, of course within limits)
  • After some time spent at our Academy, children are well-prepared, both mentally and emotionally, for pre-school, and they can adept quicker to a pre-school environment.
  • Children can develop their skills through participation in an original development scheme based on the character of the cheerful “Giggler”)

Our Academy approaches each child individually; we observe them and try to adjust to their personal needs and pace. Before admitting a child to our Academy, we conduct a thorough interview concerning the nature, likings and needs of each child. We are also open to parents’ suggestions, conversations, consultation and share of experiences.


Benefits for the parents

It is obvious that the benefits for the child also mean benefits for the parents. However, we should note that while working and taking care of our own personal development, we try to make our lives comfortable and problem-free.

  • Flexible care hours
  • Reliability and confidence that your child is under constant supervision by competent, enthusiastic people, having the required education and teaching experience
  • Financially speaking, it is much more economical to entrust us with your children than hire a full-time nanny